How to Spot the Best Black Friday Deals 2017: 10 Tips to Follow


Black Friday is a real shopping madness! Read this article, use our 10 tips and discover how to sport the best Black Friday deals 2017!

Black Friday is a real shopping madness, the most competitive shopping day of the year and one of the busiest day to purchase and shop all kinds of products. There are so many Black Friday shopping deals, discounts and special seals that can overwhelm even the most experienced buyers. For the bargain hunters, this day is truly a challenge with one end goal - to spot the best deals and to get great items before it all sells out.

Black Friday is a holiday tradition. The atmosphere is exciting, the bargains are great, and you can really save a lot of money if you know how to shop and know exactly where to find the products you are looking for. So, since many of you will be heading to the malls right after Thanksgiving, we are going to present you a few tips that will help you spot the best Black Friday deals 2017:


  • It is really important to prepare yourself properly! Don’t even think of shopping unprepared as you are risking of going home with empty hands. Check out the ads, read the fliers and see where are the best deals or the type of products you want to buy. Believe it or not - 5 minutes can mean the difference between paying a full price and getting an incredible deal.
  • You should plan your route and get a small back you can hide under your coat. Waiting in line is common on Black Friday, so you need to bring coffee with you, some snacks, and a great attitude. The big items usually go fast, so if you want to buy a TV, laptop, and etc. make sure to get to the store before it opens. If you find out that there are limited amounts, we advise you to get as early as possible.
  • In order to get to the store as early as possible, set an alarm! One alarm is not enough! Set at least 3!
  • Make sure you eat before you start your shopping journey! Stay hydrated as it is going to be a long day.
  • Don’t bring the kids with you, it is a huge mistake! They can go crazy, start crying and get lost in the crowd, and you surely don’t want this! If you are going after a new bad, a big TV, leave the kids at home.
  • Keep in mind that a lot of people will bump into you, press against you during a rush-hour subway, step on your feet, and etc. In order to avoid stressful situations and fight, take a deep breath and bring a hand sanitizer with you. That’s way you can focus on your shopping and keep your hands clean all the time.
  • Know the store policies - If you are familiar with the store policies on returns, you will know exactly where to buy.
  • If you oversleep, don’t worry as Cyber Monday is coming as well.
  • The truth is that you will get tired on Black Friday, you will go from one store to another, looking for a better deal. But, we promise you that you will have fun and you will save a lot of money by buying the products you need at discounted prices. So, less stress and more fun! That’s the ultimate key to a successful Black Friday shopping!

Are you ready to shop?